Why you should hire an event plannerxml

Why you should hire an event planner instead of doing it yourself:

A lot of people believe that planning an event by themselves is the better route to go than hiring an event planner for many reasons, but in reality the pros completely outweigh the cons.

Planning an event can be really stressful. Hiring an outside source to plan your party alleviates the stress of having to do it yourself and instead you can describe your vision and watch the event planner put it all together. Then, think about when the event takes place; Instead of having to be on top of everything and worry if things are going smoothly, the event planner is there to coordinate and take care of the whole thing. It is your event; you should be able to enjoy it. Coming up with a theme might also be causing you stress. Event planners are very creative. We also stay on top of the trends so this way the level of creativity of your party is one of a kind.

Event planners are skilled professionals and can handle a lot of situations that you, yourself may not be expecting. If something were to potentially go wrong, the event planner knows exactly how to handle the situation. You might believe that hiring an event planner is more expensive than doing it yourself but really, the deals and hook-ups that you receive through your event planner will save you more money in the end. This is what we do, so we have built and maintained relationships with vendors so this way we can get you a better deal than you could get yourself.  We are also made aware of your budget when you hire us, this way there is no chance of going overboard and increasing the price.

So whether its stress levels, creativity, insurance, cost, or coordination, hiring an event planner for any of your event needs would be the best way to go. Remember, it’s your party; Enjoy it!!

–Amy Romano, Intern

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