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As all of you event planners know, this job can be extremely stressful. Every morning is the same routine: papers piled high on your desk that still need to be sorted, listening to endless amounts of voicemails, emails to return, preparing for your back to back appointments, meeting deadlines, and trying to remember to do all of these tasks at the same time. I’m sure you are wishing for a piece of technology that will make your time at work a little less stressful. The iPhone has just the app for that. Here are the top Apple iPhone applications that can act as your personal assistant at work:

  1. Evernote: lets you create notes, snap photos, and record voice memos that you can access at any time from your iPhone, computer, or the web.
  2. My Punchbowl: A full event planning suite in an app.  Send out invites, divvy up work into manageable steps, manage guest lists and event get post event rating, reviews and testimonials.
  3. QuickVoice: Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures! For professional, educational, and personal use.
  4. Audio Planner: You can plan an event, manage-audio equipment lists, generate budget recommendations for clients, and free advice from industry experts.
  5. Omnifocus:
  6. Map Mailer: Enables you to send a map image in a jpeg form attached to your email. This is good for giving your clients directions to your office or meeting destination.
  7. Coundownr: Provides a collection of countdown counters. There are two types of counters: Counters that count down to a specific date and time and counters that read upcoming events from public Google calendars. Each counter can be customized for a specific time and date. You can add countdowns from external links or email them to your iPhone.
  8. Coordinatr: Perfect for planning smaller events like barbecues, birthdays, and luncheons which require quick planning and execution within a matter of days.
  9. iPartee: A great app for finding the perfect venue for upcoming events.  It even gives you the tools to promote and generate revenue for your events.


and www.apple.com

-Penta 2011 Summer Intern, Amanda Pryor

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