What To Do When Your Party Is Outside…And It Rains!xml

There are plenty of ways that a party can continue to go on and still be enjoyable even though it has started to rain.

If you were planning on having a pool party, a little rain wont hurt anyone. As long as there is no thunder or lightening, you would still be getting wet no matter what. Just make sure any food or music is kept somewhere where it can not get wet.  If it has began to rain, but your party has not started, you can be prepared with a tent and set it up.  To brighten it up a little bit, use outdoor lights or Christmas lights to hang up throughout the tent. 

If you are able to, move the party inside if needed.  Turn your event into a wine party or make fun beverages like margaritas, martinis, or smoothies.  Bring people back to the good ol’ days of board games and card games or invite a crowd to participate in a Rock Band Competition.  Another idea is to turn to food.  As long as the food and drinks are flowing, people will stay.  Turn your party into a baking or cooking party where everyone is involved in the process.

You could even turn your event into your own karaoke night.  Move the furniture around, create a dance floor and rock out to some of your favorite tunes, old and new.  Mix in a little alcohol and it is a good chance that people will be inspired to sing and dance in the rain.  

Some people would simply cancel because of a little rain, but as long as you are prepared and think quickly, there are so many ways to still have a great time with your friends whether it is inside or outside. 

-Summer 2001 Intern, Jackie

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