Unique Summer Activitiesxml

With the sun out and temperatures still rising, it is time to indulge in some summer time fun.  While the classic summer activities such as barbecues and beach visits are always fun, why not partake is some new and exciting summer time activities?  The following are ten alternative outdoor activities to have a unique summer you will never forget.

10.  Paintball

Paintball is fun for so many reasons.  It is great exercise, relieves stress and allows you to get outside with your friends.  In addition, it is always fun to sneak up on a buddy and shower them with paintballs.

9.  Sky Diving

Adrenaline junkies; this one is for you.  Sky diving is way to observe the summer landscape from whole new perspective which you won’t soon forget.  If your are in the New York Metro Area why not contact Sky Dive Long Island a reputable sky diving location only 70 miles outside NYC.  Penta’s president, Michele, has been several times and recommends it to all!

8.  Surfing

If you are not from California or Hawaii there is a good chance you have not even considered trying to surf but taking a surf lesson is an alternative way to enjoy the beach.  It is great exercise and you can keep cool in the ocean while still getting outside.  Plus, if you get tired of wiping out you can hop out of the water and work on your tan.

7.  Dune Buggy/ATV Trails

Off road vehicles such as dune buggies and ATVs allow you to get outside, observe nature and feed your need for speed.  Taking the dune buggy or ATV out on the trail is always exciting.  You’re going to need a helmet, you’re going to get dirty and you’re going to have a ton of fun.

6.  Parasailing

Parasailing is a great summer activity because it allows you to view the ocean from a whole new perspective.  A parachute attached to a speed boat brings you about 4 stories above the water and takes you for a ride.  It is a great summer activity because you are out on the water having fun and enjoying an unforgettable experience.

5.  Rock Climbing

This is another activity that will require the assistance of a professional but a great summer activity nonetheless.  It is a great exercise and allows to view the world from an angle view get to see.

4.  Beach Soccer

Beach soccer is a new spin on the classic game.  Like some of the other activities on the list beach soccer is a unique way to enjoy those beach visits.  Work up a sweat on the sand then cool of in the waves.

3.  Make your own Ice Cream

Instead of hunting down the ice cream man, how about making your own ice cream.  It is a fun family activity and you end up with a perfect summer treat for a hot summer day.  Click here for step by step instructions

2.  Write a Poem

The beautiful weather and landscape of summer is great inspiration for a poem.  Why not jot down a view lines while relaxing on the lazy summer days.  In winter, break it out and remember those warm days will be here again.

1.  Turn off TV/Phone/Computer for a day

While this may seem mundane, it truly is a unique experience in this day and age.  Why not take some time to enjoy being disconnected without worrying about work or mindless entertainment and just enjoy the natural beauty of summer.

-Steve Zanzonico, Summer 2011 Intern

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