Top 10 Father’s Day Giftsxml

10) Grilling Tools
Most Dads love the summer time and the best part of summer for Dads is finally getting to use their grill in the backyard.  Why not kick off the summer right by getting him some new tools so he can make the perfect burgers, steaks, or whatever he may cook.  Go the extra mile and offer to be his taste tester!

9) Alcohol
Get your father a nice aged top-shelf whiskey, bourbon or scotch.  It’s a great gift to share with him on his day and helps relieve some stress he may be feeling from those long workdays.  Also, its something he may not have gone out to go get himself.

8) Personalized Gift
Parents always like to know we love them, and that we’re not “too cool” to say it.  Get him a personalized dad gift showing how much he means to you.  You can even make something yourself to make it extremely personal.  Add a very heartfelt card and he’ll know that you will be his little girl or boy.

7) A set of Golf Clubs
No matter how good he may or may not be at the game, having new equipment or equipment for the first time will make him happy.  A nice addition would be to get him a gift certificate to the local country club for a free round.  If you have brothers and sisters this can be an easy gift to split multiple ways and you can even get another certificate for one of his friends to go with him!

6) Books
 No matter what your dad may be in to, whether it be sports, music, entertainment or just reading in general, a new book will always give him something to do for a while.  He’ll enjoy reading it and will love that the thoughtfulness came from you!

5) Gadgets
Get him his first ipod, a new phone, a new TV, or a new laptop/desktop.  Parents don’t usually go out and spend a lot on new gadgets for themselves so it will be a nice surprise.  Set it up with him, and teach him new things.  He’ll appreciate the time you take out of your day to spend with him. 

4) Sneakers/Clothes
Like we said, parents usually don’t go completely out of their way to have the hippest clothes, or a brand new pair of sneakers every month.  He’s probably wearing the same sneakers for the last couple of years that he does everything from mowing the lawn in to going to the store to pick up milk.  Surprise him with a new pair of really nice jeans or a new pair of running sneakers you know he would never get himself. 

3) Concert tickets
See if your dad’s favorite band is doing a reunion tour or coming back into your city.  Get two tickets for your parents to go.  It will make a great, thoughtful gift and allow your parents to spend time together they may not always get.  Also, you’ll please both parents! It’s a win, win!

2) Sports Tickets
It’s a great way to spend time together enjoying something you both like.  Take him to his favorite team’s game.  Depending on your financial situation, take him to an away game letting him see a new arena.  Turn it into a weekend trip if you can!

1) Landscaping Services
Most dads mow their own lawn, trim their own bushes, and get rid of all those nasty weeds.  Sign him up for a landscaping service so he can finally relax and let someone else do it for a change.  If he is the type that doesn’t like someone else taking care of his lawn then get him a new lawn mower, lawn edger, or weed whacker.  They can always use something better than what they’ve had for so long. 

–Jackie, Summer 2011 Intern

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