Budgeting a wedding could come close to paying off a mortgage on a house. RentTheRunway is one of the most fabulous and innovative ideas for special occasions I’ve ever heard of. RentTheRunway is the ideal company for sophomores in highschool who attend weekly sweet sixteens, the girl looking for a fabulous designer prom dress but can’t afford it, and now… BRIDES! RentTheRunway is essentially summed up in the title. What it is, is a company that allows you to rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. What’s even better is that the company will send you 2 sizes, just in case the one you ordered does not fit. It’s the ideal solution to the ‘party-girl-on-a-budget’ lifestyle. As shown in the movie, 27 Dresses (you can watch the preview here), the typical bridesmaid dress is usually worn once and then shoved to the back of the closet. Instead of wasting all of that money on a dress you’ll never wear again, why not rent the dress of your dreams! RentTheRunway combines style and luxury with value driven customers. Now with the explosion of bridal parties and lavish weekend-getaway baccalaureate celebrations, RentTheRunway has launched a bridal line, customizing the dreams of every bride. Not only can your bridal party look stunning in designer dresses, the flexibility of this company allows women to choose the make & fit of a dress that will suit their individual bodies while still looking classy.

Filene’s Basement also has jumped on the bride-frenzy bandwagon. Running of the Brides is a one day sale, beginning at 8am. Coincidently, Running of the Brides is having a sale tomorrow at the Union Square location in New York City. Depending on the store, gowns can range from $1,400 to $3,000, being sold anywhere from $249 to $699. Original costs can skyrocket to a considerable $9,000 and racks are filled with designer dresses from designers all over the world. Brides and their teams have been known to camp-out outside the doors and make a mad dash for the racks the moment the door opens. Some brides are very intense and make it a whole day outing, trying on multiple gowns and making “trades” with other brides until they find their dream dress. For more budget friendly wedding ideas or information on how to plan a beautiful, yet cost effective wedding, please contact me at

Lisa Glover, Summer 2011 Intern

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