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On Monday night Penta was invited to an event at The Ace Hotel (20 West 29th Street) to view a new reovated space called Liberty Hall. This was my first time at an event planner showcase and this venue so I was really excited. Once we got to the hotel I was in love with the “dark” décor of the hotel. The lobby had 6 huge white pillars through the center and was filled with people enjoying each other’s company. To the right was a huge sign in lights that read “excelsior,” which is the name of the reception area. The staff greeted us kindly and directed us to the space of the party. We were directed down to the lower level where we were met with cocktails and smiles by staff of Élan Artists Events,

For lack of a better word, “trendy” is what this room aimed for. The walls were a dark chocolate brown with what looked like Mexican inspired swirl designs. There were two bars on opposite sides of the room and in the middle was a stage for the musical performances. Many industry professionals were there relaxing after work and viewing the space. Immediately we were offered yummy hors d’oeuvres. The first was a beef and blue cheese empanada…amazing. As the night progressed the food got a bit more interesting. I was offered what looked like a cracker with a cheese spread but to my surprise it was chicken liver. If you like liver, more power to you, but it was defiantly not for me! Cheese croquettes, salmon mousse, and steak tartar were also on the guest list of food for the evening and by the looks of the guests, they were greatly welcomed!

The night started off with a quartet of women, dressed in all white flapper costumes, playing the violin.  This made the space feel very “speakeasy-esque.” The music then turned into a large band who played a mix of classics and modern music. The last performers were so full of energy they had all the guests dancing. I thought to myself that these artists would fit so well at any event in lieu of a DJ because just the feel and presentation of a live band I think is so fun and elegant. Granted, a band is quite pricey and sometimes unattainable, but if you have the funds, I say go for it!

As the night went on we chatted and mingled with others in the event planning industry and spoke about how we can see an event in the room. The room fits about 200 guests for a cocktail reception and would be ideal for a birthday party or an after work gathering with colleagues. The space was big enough to fit 200 but small enough that you wouldn’t loose the intimacy of your guests. Because the walls were so dark, bringing in an outside vendor to provide up lighting would look stunning. Up lighting is when a light is placed on the floor with the light shining upwards on the wall. Many times you see this at social functions where the falls are illuminated by different colors. It’s a fantastic way to add color to a room without spending a ton on colored floral pieces. I would definitely recommend this room to any client looking for something social yet intimate for any special event.

Being an intern, it was great to see how industry professionals come together to discuss ideas and network with each other. I hope to attend many more of these events during my time at Penta. As always feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding this event or anything having to do with planning an event! I’d love to share my experiences and ideas with you!

Happy Planning!


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