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In today’s special occasion scene (whether it be a wedding, social, or corporate event) more than likely you will be given some sort of parting gift. For weddings it’s usually a candle you’ll never use or a salt and pepper shaker in the shape of leaves…exciting. For corporate events, maybe a pen or a nifty note pad holder will make you feel better for attending the event. Who needs these items? Since a party favor is the last bit of your event that your guests experience, why not make it something memorable?

A new and fun trend popping up at events is the Food Truck. Remember those trucks from the carnival as a kid that you couldn’t wait to grab some cotton candy or a funnel cake from? Yep, those! These trucks are conveniently waiting outside towards the end of events so guests are hit with one last surprise.

Imagine.  It is the end of a not-so-thrilling corporate event.  You act like you know the random guy who continues to say hello to you and hold back laughter for the old woman who won’t stop hitting the bar.   Already relieved that the event is almost over, you step out of the venue and BAM!  A Free Food Truck Surprise.  Prearranged by the event’s coordinator, Food Trucks are available to provide a take home gift to your attendees at no cost to your guest.  White Castle is one of the many vendors now taking part of the food truck craze hitting events all over the country. Granted, the mini burgers and chicken rings aren’t the healthiest option but after a night of business networking, a little grease can’t hurt.

How about at the end of a wedding or a sweet 16 party a cupcake truck greets you as you exit the event? An old fashioned automobile filled with warm donuts, cotton candy, chocolate desserts, and delectable drinks like hot cocoa and cider is the perfect ending to a fun event.  Since the night was filled with love, why not end it with treats you love?

To incorporate the company, wedding couple, or guest of honor  of the event is to have a sign placed on the truck with the name of the business or individual honorees. If you want to do something more subtle, try having personalized napkins handed out with each treat. For example, the napkin could say “Thank You for celebrating our special day!” or “Surprise! Love, Chris & Stephanie”.  Having goodies for your guests is much better than receiving a paper weight or heart shaped wine cork.

Visit this site,, to search for gourmet food trucks in your area and contact for a private event. They range from high-class cuisine to simple pleasures.  What ever tickles your taste buds, there is a food cart for you!

If you need any help contacting a vendor feel free to contact me,, and I’d be more than happy to help!

m, and I’d be more than happy to help!

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