Wine Castlexml

You’re in the heart of your wedding plans, and you’ve finally made it to one of the more fun parts… menu tasting! As you sample everything from lobster bisque to chocolate truffles, you think to brush past the decisions on wine for the time being. After all, in comparison to the more complicated decisions like periwinkle versus wisteria, wine is an easy decision. White goes with the chicken and fish and red goes with beef right? Actually wine has taken such a predominant place in so many events that taking the time to learn more about the nuances of wine pairings can really enhance your event.

Wine Castle on the Upper East Side is working with Quintessential Wines on Saturday November 13th to host a wine tasting that will give any couple a great starting point to learning more about wines and pairings. This weekend’s tasting will highlight wines from across Australia, Italy, South Africa and California. We’ve all seen the small tables set up in markets conducting wine tastings to sell their product. What sets this event apart is that Chef Al De Winter will be preparing dishes to compliment each wine. Not to be remiss, if you do choose to continue the tasting at home there will be a 15% discount on cases purchased that evening. If you love this event, watch for next week’s blog on creative wine pairings for your event.

Wine Castle is located at 1650 3rd Avenue with tastings to be held from 3pm – 8pm.

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